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Friday, September 23, 2011

One (bargain) Blue and White Fabric--Three Ways

Thought I'd share this great look-for-less find. I found this beautiful (and crazy affordable) Blue and White Chinoiserie toile. It's rather "'inspired" by Quadrille's Lyford Pagoda Petite. But I have to say I like it almost as much as the original. I haven't seen it in person but I'm going to take a chance and order some samples. Not exactly a huge risk; it's $19/yard! I was so excited I put together three different mood boards in three different color schemes. 

The first is a scheme I've really been missing lately: red, white and blue.

I wanted to avoid the expected, so rather than using a Victorian upholstered headboard, regency fixtures and faux bamboo furniture, I went for a more masculine, clean metropolitan feel. And I kinda like it. Okay, so I threw in an orchid.

Here's a board in my favorite new color crush, blush and navy. (And, yes there's faux bamboo and Regency gold.) It's kept fresh with lots of block-printed fabrics and tropical greenery, balancing the delicate, gilded touches. It has sort of a romantic Indo-Chinois feel. I imagine this is how I'd style the French Indochine set for Marguerite Duras' "The Lover." (If I were the type to sit around and imagine that sort of thing...)

Navy blue with burnt orange, is a classic complimentary scheme. Here's a board for a guest bedroom which incorporates very traditional furnishings with the wit of a Billy Baldwin-esque side chair and a graphic rug. Lots of brass, warm woods and leather, like the Hermès Pippa console (pear wood with brass fittings--stunning!) Feels like a perfect place for tired guests to relax after a long day of riding. Or for your mother-in-law to crash after Thanksgiving dinner.

Email me for other sources or if you're interested in our e-decorating services.

Happy Friday!