Friday, May 27, 2011

My New Second Home...A Pale Blue and White Oasis

My husband and I have created a very layered, eclectic, traditional home over the years. So, we've always said if we ever bought a vacation place, whether it be a beach house here in LA (close), a village cottage in Milwaukee (family), or a pied-à-terre in the NYC (love!), we would want it totally and completely modern. I have fantasy files filled with the rooms we'd create for this place.

But I take it all back! This is the fantasy second home of my dreams; a pale blue and white oasis. I know, it is ultra traditional. I can just see myself serving mint juleps in a little shift dress. Okay, so Atlanta was never on the list. But he loves Southern cooking and I love to play pretend.

Thank you Erin at House of Turquoise for disrupting my fantasy plans.

Walls: A custom strié finish -- Farrow & Ball in Oval Room Blue over Farrow & Ball Light Blue. Trim: Benjamin Moore Bavarian Cream. And the custom hand-painted screen is by Raymond Goins. For more, check out the house in Atlanta Home here!