Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vanity Fit for a King

'Pretty' perfected. That's what I'd call these images from a gorgeous home in Greenwich, Connecticut. Juxtaposed this way, they really speak to me: silvery reflective surfaces, blue + white/beige with that kiss of pink, and De Gournay papers. 

Okay, just as I was posting this, my client, to whom I forwarded the picture at upper right, phoned to weigh in on the vanity. I was giddy when I found it! Its lines are remarkably similar to a delicate Louis XVI style vanity she'd been considering in dark walnut. However, she thinks this more unique silver cased version is too formal for her taste. My heart is broken, but not discouraged. I think she's just reacting to the antique sconces. I shall keep you posted....

Images: Veranda, Suzanne Kasler

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mirrored Panels

Love, lust or just sort of ehh? Personally, I find them Greta Garbo glamourous. They can go Deco chic or Newport Cottage clean. (Yes, I know, most true Newport "cottages" were actually built during the Deco period). I just love the way they throw light (and glam) all around the room, any room. Thoughts? 

(Sources: Windsor Smith, Traditional Home, Better Homes Kitchen and Bath)