Friday, August 26, 2011

Serious Prep School Style

As leaves burst with fall colors and dormitories all over the country fill with students, I'm once again reminded of aspiring designer Maximilian Sinsteden's digs. He's now well on his way in the world of interior design, in part thanks to this NYTimes article that brought him to my attention.

But I still love to look back at how it all began, here, with his uber preppy dorm room at Drew University. Even the most talented studio art directors could only hope to get "dishelved prep" so right. I think the only other person to take this affectation of young American WASP to such heights of perfection was that Jewish kid from the Bronx, Ralph Lifshitz. Or as we all came to know him, Ralph Lauren. 

Note the Bunny Williams book at the far right. I just love that green paint and his artful tie display.

A mix of plaids, paisleys, and persian rugs makes this one very stylish dorm.

No posters on this gallery wall.

Something tells me while the rest of the kids were chugging flat beer from plastic cups, Mr. Sinsteden was stirring some mean Tanqueray and tonics, in vintage Baccarat. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

White Out

Labor Day is fast approaching and while I welcome the start of the school year with open arms and a big fat kiss, I'm a little less enthusiastic about shelving all my white pants. I absolutely love white pants, almost as much as I love navy (don't even get me started on the two together!). Even though temperatures remain in the high 80s through early fall here, I'm an old-fashioned girl: No phone calls after 9:00 and no white after Labor Day. So, it is with great sadness I say goodbye, until next spring. Cue music...