Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pink flowers on pale blue

I'm currently working on a project steeped in pale blues. While recently combing through my books for inspiration photos, I realized the rooms that really jump out at me always had a spot of pink, usually in the form of a bouquet of flowers. Put you finger over the flowers in these rooms and you'll see the happiness just drains from the picture.

I have always loved this combination of soft blue and pale pink. Especially, as I'm trying to convince my client, when it's sprinkled with bits of gold! 

images: Decor, Decor, Alexandra Rae Interiors, Southern Accents, my garden, Anne Coyle


  1. yes, I love it too! that's the French blue right? and a dose of pink makes it look like pure happiness!

  2. I too, am a lover of blue with hints of pink and gold. My daughter's room fits the bill for all three. I have glimpses of her room on my blog. Oh, I have the smaller version of the exact mirrored console in the blue photos. Just found your blog...it's great!

  3. My bedroom has the blue look going on and I'm pulling in the look of the pink flowers with ruffled pillows that look like roses. I know I will not keep up with purchasing fresh flowers all the time and Im not a fan of fake flowers, so the pillows were a more practical thing for me. You are totally right about the punch of pink!
    Love your blog :)


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