Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Classic Outdoor

You know I don't normally care for a neutral palette (snooze), but I'm in love with the classic feel of these images. The black iron, natural elements of stone + pebbles, and the neutral fabrics. It all plays beautifully off the swaths of manicured greenery. What a great spot for a mellow Sunday brunch. Of course, I had to put a little outfit together. So in keeping with that mellow mood, I'll be toasting you all over eggs benedict (classic style) wearing this...

Gorgeous and serene.

Images: Veranda, Tory Burch, Ray Ban, Neiman Marcus, Frontgate


  1. Stunning collection - you have a fabulous eye! fabulous outfit too : )


  2. I love this Alexandra ... I adore the stone, black iron and intense greenery in the topiary trees and climbers. It is so sophisticated and elegant ... I almost feel like I could just have galloped my horse across the manicured field, showered and changed into your gorgeous ensemble to receive my guests! PS what is for lunch? Cheers
    M.A. the 2nd
    ps I love aviators - they are my absolute favourite sunglasses.

  3. Id love to sit out there with a glass of lovely wine! x

  4. Love these images, they remind me of big majestic homes! I'll add these images to my 'one day' pile!! :) Hazel

  5. AnonymousJuly 26, 2010

    That really is gorgeous and serene. Sounds delicious too!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  6. Oh my love it all and can totally picture you sitting in any of those gorgeous outdoor spaces in that lovely outfit. I adore your classic take on rooms and outfits. I still remember your one on navy blue!!!!
    Your Ikat curtains are going to be amazing...

  7. This outfit you put together is beyond chic and amazing...I am in love with it!


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