Thursday, June 30, 2011

Palm Springs: The Off-Season

We're gearing up for the 4th of July here in Southern California. While most people are heading for the beach to escape the heat, we, along with 8 other families, are heading straight for the Sun. I somehow talked my Norwegian, heat-phobic husband into an off-season trip to Rancho Mirage/Palm Springs.

We bowed out of the same trip last summer, but felt compelled by our friends' stories of 5-star service, endless kid activities, and (mostly) super discounted rates. The resort is sending all kinds of perks our way! (No surprise). I think it's officially called The Suckers Package. The concierge with whom I've been working out the details has assured me though, that, in addition to two pools and a "lazy river," there are misters throughout the property. I should have left it at that, but I had to ask what the expected temperature is this weekend. Let's just say, if I want to save in restaurant bills, I can make grilled cheeses on the hood of my car.

Viceroy Palm Springs

Trina Turk, Palm Springs

Of course there is much stylishness to be had in the Desert. It's an architectural and design mecca. The only unfortunate part is the fam. Not in general. Geeze. Just in terms of the crimp they put in my vacay shopping and site seeing. I really hope I can at least peek over at Trina Turk. I'm crazy for her new home line! I'd also love to stop by the Viceroy. I've only seen the Santa Monica location in person. But I can already hear the "Why would we do that?" Oh well, the real point is to relax and spend time with my besties while we sip something poolside.

...and this is what we'll be sipping :)
Happy Fourth!!

Images: fashionuno; Jen Prince via pinterest; wanderlust; Trina; Slim Aarons; my pinterest;;


  1. Hi Alexandra!

    Just gorgeous!.. This is one of my favorite hotels!.. Have a fantastic time.. & I do hope hubby enjoy's it too!

    Marnie. x

  2. gorgeous!gorgeous! I can't believe I haven't been...I've always longed to see the Viceroy!

  3. The Viceroy in Palm Springs is our favorite place to vacation! Great photos!

  4. Do real people live in these places? They seem like some fabulous utopia reserved for the glitteratti....those who glitter.


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