Sunday, January 10, 2016

After Photos – Rustic Bathroom

I just realized tonight that I never posted the after pictures of this Rustic Schoolhouse Bathroom I designed for the Farmhouse. I was so in love with this little space. It seemed so new then, the idea of tile that looked like wood, gray cabinetry...yawn. But I still love the way it turned out. I designed it in 2013, finished up construction in 2014. So at my usual timely pace, I thought I'd share. BTW, Happy 2016!

Remember the board and the sketch:

I was off site when the materials were delivered. The contractors made my supervising designer call me because they were sure there had been a mistake. Actually, many. The very seasoned tile setter got on the phone and tried to talk me out of the "white Caesarstone with that brown tile," especially with the gray cabinets, and "tile up the walls?!" According to my junior designer, the subs had a good laugh about our whole design concept. Mr. Tile Setter later told me it turned out to be his favorite room in the whole 10,000sf house. The only thing I love more than a man who admits he was wrong is a man who admits I was right. And one who can cook.

The final bath with that feel of an old shed.

The rustic (gray and brown!) pebbles in the shower mimic the nearby riverbank. Plus they feel like a great morning foot massage.

This is the kitchen in the Schoolhouse/Guesthouse.

To see more of this whole project check out my site or better yet Houzz

Happy New Year and God bless you in 2016! 

My resolutions are to stop swearing, eat organic and blog again. So far I've managed one out of three.

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