Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Too blue, or not too blue

Ironically, this post was going to be about my break up with blue and white. I grew up in a blue and white house, ate off Blue Willow my whole childhood, even registered for everything blue and white some 16 years ago. We've all been served such a glut of this now totally cliché classic that I even steer clients away from it, imploring them to toss in some red, orange or apple green. But...

...going through old inspiration photos and cleaning out my garage this week, I'm like a girl trying to toss her wedding dress. There are just some things we will always hold dear as a part of ourselves. 

How gorgeous was this HB cover? I just remembered, I have 5 yards of an Italian blue and white outdoor stripe. Not to mention a garage full of blue and white vases. Anyone? Quick, I've been know to change my mind. 


  1. I especially love the use of blue and white in the shot with the cat. I also love the subtle pop of yellow with the lemons in the bottom shot.

    I'll always love RED, myself. Grant it, we've been on the outs of late. I understand the design dilemma...

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  2. I just found your site via 5th and State.
    I'm new to the blue and white party. I resisted blue and white because when I was married all of my newly married friends went with blue and white. I've saved so many magazine pages through the years of blue and white rooms I've finally thrown in the towel. I'm starting with just a few blue and white ginger jars and such, but the combination makes my heart sing. These rooms are only fueling the desire. :-)

  3. Let me know if you still have any extra blue and white vases/ginger jars you need to get off your hands! I'd gladly take them! :)

    The Glam Pad

  4. Hello...I love these pictures of blue and white! I was wondering if you know the name of the fabric on the white couch. It is exactly what I am looking for to update a chair in my sun porch! Thanks Lisa

  5. Hello! The fabrics are various outdoor fabrics in white. Try googling "white Sunbrella" or "white outdoor fabrics" and you'll find many options and sources. Hope that helps!


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