Sunday, April 17, 2011

What I'm Working On- Hollywood Bungalow

I loved the term "Global Regency" when I read it on Camila's post about melding these two styles. It is exactly what I'm constructing for my latest clients.

Remember they want "comfortable, casual with a little bit of Napa Style." The kitchen was already remodeled in contemporary Craftsman and there is brown wood panelling throughout the living areas. Both of these things dictate what will feel appropriate in the space. 

She originally said she wanted a totally neutral scheme, greenery being the only color in the room, but she fell in love with the fabric at left. It's intensely bright in person. Somewhere between an acid apple and a malachite emerald. I thought it would be difficult to thread through the organic, neutral room (even though it's an ikat)--until I found this room from the DC Design House. Perfection. LOVE those super gloss green lampshades! The rest will be like icing the cake.

Here is my mood board for my clients' living room.

Here are some of the finishes and fabrics we were playing with in the studio.


The ikat (on my board) will be pillows. The velvet flocked trellis fabric (right) will be the drapes en lieu of the black ones in the inspiration room. (I know, I have a tiring thing for green trellis patterns. Ever since my neighbor's" garden room," as Mrs. Barbetti called it, back in the early 80's. I'd vie for sleepovers just to hang in that room. It even had the great pop of color from a bright red gumball machine. But I digress). So, What d'ya think? We'll add the 'Napa Style' they like with textual elements like fishermens' baskets and a bricklayers table. An unlikely mix for me, but I'm liking it!


  1. Love the moodboard...perfect greens!!

  2. love the greens and woven baskets- very fresh!

  3. I love this room, so fresh. I've had a sample of the green flocked trellis in my office for a month, wish I had somewhere to use it !

  4. I can't wait to see how this turns out! I also love the high-gloss green shades!

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  5. Love the fabrics your working with. Just found your blog. So glad I did.


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