Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vanity Fit for a King

'Pretty' perfected. That's what I'd call these images from a gorgeous home in Greenwich, Connecticut. Juxtaposed this way, they really speak to me: silvery reflective surfaces, blue + white/beige with that kiss of pink, and De Gournay papers. 

Okay, just as I was posting this, my client, to whom I forwarded the picture at upper right, phoned to weigh in on the vanity. I was giddy when I found it! Its lines are remarkably similar to a delicate Louis XVI style vanity she'd been considering in dark walnut. However, she thinks this more unique silver cased version is too formal for her taste. My heart is broken, but not discouraged. I think she's just reacting to the antique sconces. I shall keep you posted....

Images: Veranda, Suzanne Kasler


  1. As a renter of a truly terrible bathroom, these photos make my heart flutter! Thanks for posting :)

  2. Alexandra I love that vanity and the silver is perfect. If your client doesn't want it send it over to me! I want it!!!!!!
    Beautiful post and have a great week-end
    best wishes always

  3. So funny Frances. I knew you would love it. It actually reminded me of you!

  4. Hi there,
    Coming sat you from another blog. I love pink too and am brave enough to use it. I have a beautifully pink bedroom. YOu can see a glimpse of it on my blog today.

  5. i don't know where you get your pics, but they are the best! Those blues in the bathroom are the bomb

  6. I didn't realize that these are your own designs... i am dumb. Holy moly they are good though.


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