Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mirrored Panels

Love, lust or just sort of ehh? Personally, I find them Greta Garbo glamourous. They can go Deco chic or Newport Cottage clean. (Yes, I know, most true Newport "cottages" were actually built during the Deco period). I just love the way they throw light (and glam) all around the room, any room. Thoughts? 

(Sources: Windsor Smith, Traditional Home, Better Homes Kitchen and Bath)


  1. I love mirrored panels! So glam!

  2. Didn't mean to be anonymous...OOPS!

  3. I love them and I also love how the bed is set into the alcove.

  4. So gorgeous! And those dressers are lovely! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  5. so great to see another post from you...just ADORE your style! in my opinion, mirror panels are gorgeous, as long as they are toned down with pretty molding accents. i still am trying to forget my grandmoms wall to wall smoked and faux marbled looking mirrored wall from the 70's! lol!

  6. Your taste is amazing!!! I want to climb through the screen into those rooms. The color palate is so soothing (my favorite of all time: soft blues and creams and I'll never forget your tip about a touch of soft pink in a room!!)

    The mirrored panels are exquisite. You've inspired me yet again! I want to do that in my new house!!!

  7. Love!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Dear Alexandra ....Happy New Year to you dear friend! I am sorry I have not been by in a little while and I always love visiting. I adore mirrored panels as well and the reflection of light is divine. The mirrored panels in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles is testimony to the fact that they are elegant and timeless!
    have a beautiful day and my best wishes always
    ps Your taste is so gorgeous!


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