Sunday, February 20, 2011


If all you've read of my blog is the title bar, you know my favorite color is PINK! Okay, it's actually my second favorite. Anyway, I was thrilled with the latest issue of House Beautiful; a tribute to the loveliest color of all. It inspired me to contact that prospective client for whom I've been envisioning a pink room. She's the only one with the guts. (Let's just let them all be flattered into submission by that statement :)

It also inspired me to post some of my favorite pink pics I've had filed away for years. I'll leave out my own pink office. You've seen enough of that--for now. I am currently refreshing it. Of course, I'm keeping the 80's pink chandelier, and the pink bookcases!

Unless it's in a young girl's room, I think pink should always be grounded with black, or especially, NAVYIt keeps it from feeling too frilly or feminine.

Do I even need to source this room? His name is practically printed all over the walls.

This is Betsey Johnson's NYC loft. Love her, love the space. I think this is how I like a pink room best; very eclectic, with lots of high contrast and bright artwork. Come to think of it, that's how I like any room.

How about you? Would you paint your dining room, living room, kitchen any shade of pink?

Sources: House Beautiful, Jonathan Adler, Apartment Therapy, Woodson & Rummersfiled


  1. My daughter's room is pepto bismol pink with black and red accents. It's all very girly in a bold, modern barbie way. I framed big picts of old movie stars in black frames & hung them all over. Also, my bedroom (that I allow my husband to sleep in) is pale peachy pink. It's a little more traditional than my daughter's room, very parisian with pale green accents, a gold bed corona and all gold picture frames. I have painted some ceilings the palest of pinks. I read that some designer said that it makes everyone glow. If you do it pale enough people don't even notice why there is a glow. GO PINK! Even Pantone agrees.

  2. Alexandra RaeFebruary 27, 2011

    I'd love to see pictures of your room. I love that idea, painted the ceiling a very pale pink. I'm going to try that!


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