Friday, April 29, 2011

The Un-Staged Home

Earlier this summer I received a fantastic article written by Bunny Williams for William Sonoma Home's "To the Trade" series. It's all about Making A House A Home, something too many of us designers (and clients) tend forget. 

Everything doesn't have to be hidden that is not entirely by design, or arranged for maximum impact. I'm all for the beauty of cool objects and the serenity of an orderly, well designed home. However, I love that she reminds us that, when arranging furniture, we should think first of maximizing easy conversation rather than style; that people should display the books they truly read rather than the pretty ones, and that it's okay to let newspapers and mail be seen, just not "left lying around willy-nilly." (Who but she could use the term "willy-nilly?") 

I think this is why I tend to gravitate toward European home magazines. The rooms, even in all their glossiness, never look "staged," but rather like living, breathing, spaces occupied by living, breathing people. That's always more interesting to me. Like perfect people, perfect rooms, no matter how stylish, are totally boring.

A Bunny Williams designed salon for Kips Bay.

I think the vibrant eclecticism of this space makes it all the more inviting.

In a world of pretentious kitchens, this one actually makes me want
to cook big meals with my kids and hang out with friends.

Perfect for a long family breakfast (coffee reading at hand) or 
a formal dinner with friends.

Images: Kips Bay shots via Cote de Texas, Bunny's seaside living area as seen here in Lonny, my pinterest, Minnie Mortimer's Malibu home via Vogue


  1. Yes, very true. All the Euro mags seem to photograph spaces that looked like they've been lived in for ages...Love the mark history leaves on the footprint when you're invited to not only learn about the homeowners, but when you get a sneak peak into their background as well! That's why Bunny's the best :D

    Thanks for sharing, Happy Weekend!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. Alexandra .... so true and the European magazines show history with such style! How are you .... I hope you are well and I love your website .... stunning!
    best wishes

  3. I read that article when it got it via e-mail. I felt honored to intern with her...she's amazing! I agree, it is important to show signs of someone living in the home...isn't it?!

  4. Bunny and John's condo...I die!:)


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