Friday, January 6, 2012

Dreaming of a White Kitchen...

I'm dreaming up (another) fresh, white kitchen for a client.  It's not that I'm stuck in a 'white' rut. It's more that I'm always indulging my two greatest passions in kitchen design: Clean and Bright.

First, the cleanliness. Not the sexiest passion, but a passion nonetheless. To me white equals clean. White towels, white sheets, white kitchens and baths. Who doesn't want their kitchen to feel spartan clean? At least between meals. 

Second, the brightness, or more specifically sunlight!  White kitchens reflect more sunlight. My vampire/Norwegian husband says I'd live in a greenhouse if I could. (Who wouldn't?!) So, considering we spend a majority of our family time in the kitchen, you better believe I want great sun exposure and tons of windows. A view of a beautiful garden with a wood or ocean in the background is a big plus, too. (Remember, I'm dreaming, for my clients' sake.)

With the saturation of white, Hamptons Style kitchens, I try to add unique decorative and architectural details to keep each project special. I'm always scanning the market for new fixtures, windows, millwork, etc. Finally, I always add greenery and lots of fabrics to warm things up. Here are just a few images from my files, each with its own bit of inspiration.

This first image inspired a recent project. The ceiling plan was an electrical and architectural nightmare, since they had to work with an existing space. We loved the dark line around the ceiling perimeter. The painters thought my clients were nuts. But the final effect is stellar. So is the entire kitchen.

 Take about unusual details. Love this tin coffered ceiling. Who knew metal could feel so warm.

 I love the detail of this backsplash. It's a cut slab remnant, installed against simple subway tile.

This is on the top of my wish list for a current project. Those glass cabinets are as close to a greenhouse as you could get. Beautiful! I've worked them in! With all that light you could have a few small potted citrus in there. An orangerie kitchen!

I always love a wall of floor to ceiling lighted cabinets. (I'd add a rolling ladder on an antique brass rail). My client pointed out that things would have to be kept "very organized and pretty up there." But, I pointed out, it's not like you'll be storing Sipee cups and Tupperware up there.

Great fixtures and a cheery color scheme keep this Elizabeth Dinkel kitchen fresh and unique. I think white cabinets and Carrera marble are now officially the law here in Los Angeles. 
 Another Elizabeth Dinkel. Love the nickel pendants. 
I lost the source for this house long ago. I just had to show you the picture window, perfect for plants and herbs. I think I'll try to incorporate deep sills in this next project for said purpose. Years ago I ripped an ugly aluminum picture window out of a house in Encino. The owner had kept it filled with plants. But it was so dated. I have to admit, the kitchen lost something when we replaced it with a standard window. I should have replaced it with something like this. There are even better ones on the market now. I would also love to see a lighted lower cabinet on that island. I've seen this done to great effect! Love that clerestory at the dining room passage, too. Okay, and last thing on these images (that I'm not even particularly crazy for): I love the paneling's height and proportion in the dining room. Let's move on.

A Carrera sink (with breakfront)

Double islands used to feel like the spawn of extravagant McMansion kitchens. But I now find them to be one of the most functional layouts for a large family kitchen. I also love the mix of warm wood on the fridge wall with the otherwise all white kitchen.

Hope you found something inspiring, too!

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  1. I'm completely obsessed with white kitchens! We took our home in Florida down to the studs last year, and our classic white kitchen should be complete any day now! Here's a sneak peek!

    The Glam Pad


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