Sunday, January 29, 2012

A REAL Kitchen Table

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I've had this in my "tile file" forever (love the dark grout and wood countertops). But this morning I saw something in it I'd never seen before.  A perfect solution for a small space kitchen. 

If you don't have room for an island plus a breakfast table, why not a classic style kitchen with a large farm table in the center? We never do that anymore. I'd prefer the way this kitchen would "live" to one with a skimpy island and a few barstools. You get fabulous prep space and dining for eight all in one because this stone kills both birds, turkeys or whatever you're cooking. It's the perfect spot to stuff him, dress him, snap peas or shuck corn. And the best part for this lazy cook, you can do so while seated. 

I remember my feisty great-grandmother at her center kitchen table, chopping meat for homemade sausage, while us kids sat around her rolling out biscuits. And then of course we'd all assemble for a casual meal in the warmth of that kitchen, eating, laughing and sharing the fruits of our labor.  Isn't that cooking is all about?

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