Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Design Soulmate-Mark D. Sikes

Ever see a shelter spread and think, "Wait, is that my house?" Whether it's the house of your dreams or your reality. That's exactly how I felt when I saw this Lonny spread. Jennifer at Belclairehouse, felt the same way I did. She called it "decorating soulmates." Behold the work of Mark D. Sikes ...

For months I've had this dining room shot (along with many others of his) on boards behind my desk. I love it more every day. I actually just discovered that I've had much of his work pinned in boards and didn't know it was his. Funny to see the same spaces shot by different photographers, isn't it. Really shows you how crucial light is to the overall essence of a space.

The whole space is filled with all the things I love: Blue and White pottery, French check--especially in camel and cream, chinoiserie, and lots and lots of greenery! A must.

This is exactly how I used to accessorize my giant island in our old house. Blue and white + herb topiaries. (My hurricanes were a ZGallerie steal. I bought out the entire stock.)

Mark D. Sikes Interior Design
Okay, anti-brass client who shall remained unnamed, this shot is bringing my heart back to the polished nickel. Mark is clearly a big fan of Mr. Michael S. Smith, as am I. As is anyone and everyone, I suppose.

Mark D. Sikes Interior Design

And (real-world) friends, doesn't this remind you of my garden? Black and white striped fabrics, boxwoods and white icebergs. Nothing unique, I know. But why reinvent the classics? I think my soulmate Mark D. Sikes would agree.

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  1. I like the idea behind the garden table becoming your dining room table. It inspired me to redecorate my new home in balmoral village peachtree city.


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