Friday, October 26, 2012

Brand New England

Like everyone else these days, I love New England style homes, whether they're in California beach towns, Napa wine countryor Midwestern plains. But I personally like to blend the clean, classic look with unexpected elements of modern, French or even BaroqueI encourage clients to use salvaged or modern light fixtures here and there, hang a gilded Chinoiserie mirror over a contemporary sideboard  or paint at least some millwork a color other than white (like the teal lacquered library I'm rendering tonight!). Blended, eclectic interiors are so much more expressive, more interesting and, like all spaces done well, age better.

Tonight I happened upon this Interiors spread by Westport designer Lynne Scalo. I was blown over by her super fresh, eclectic take on New England style. I think you will be too.

Happy Weekend!

Sources: Interiors


  1. I live in New England in a very antique New England home, and I agree with you completely. Paint the millwork a color!!!! Throw in some modern and groovy pieces with your Nana's antiques, and I am a sucker for anything Chinoiserie!

  2. I love,love,love your blog so much! Thank you for that.
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