Friday, February 26, 2010

Ah, Spring!

Sorry, I know many of you are still knee deep in snow. But out here in Los Angeles, it's a breezy 69˚. My only complaint is that my winter wardrobe barely made it out of the closet! You East Coast gals have no idea the fashion boredom we suffer for all this sunny weather. All the things I never got to wear. Only Kate Moss can pull off the Hunter wellies with shorts. Plus this early Spring means early mornings for this light sleeper; newly hatched baby birds do start at the crack of dawn. But if you aren't crying for me yet... it's only February 26th, and I just realized I can't ignore the dirty garden furniture and all the pots to be replanted another minute. Good bye "Winter." Did I mention this also means I need to start thinking about Pilates again...

All this Spring Fever has me craving my favorite color combination: PINK and GREEN. I will forever love my daughter's bedroom, above. To me, it's the quintessential little girl's room. I actually started it the day I learned it was a girl! And I love it as much ten years later.

This morning I came upon a very similar dose of girly freshness via Blair Friedeman at delightbydesign. Blair posted some pictures from San Francisco designer Palmer Weiss' portfolio, which I'm crazy for! I love the crispness of these room and the fresh ladylike palette. Can't you just see Mrs. Weiss' Southern roots?

A final note on pink and green, I happily found this Mary McDonald room from Feb '09 Domino. Don't you just love this "audaciously preppy den"? Talk about crispness. It makes me feel like I'm back in the seventh grade, drooling at the Papagallo store.

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