Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chinese Valentine Table Sketch

Potential table design for the buffet. Once I cleared out my studio of all supplies, inspiration boards, etc, I was shocked by how much pink lay behind, like that lamp. So I'm going with pink and Chinese red as a color scheme. It's also the night before Valentine's Day, so perfect. To keep it from looking too much like a kindergarten party, I'm adding black and turquoise, and of course gold. I found these little, rather hideous, shabby chic white bird cages at the craft store which should look beautiful once I gold leaf them and hang turquoise beads from the bottoms. I'll attach those to the cherry blossom branches (got my pruning shears) and fill each with a little red votive candle, they'll mimic all the red lanterns I'm hanging from the ceilings. They whole effect should be very Shanghai Chic. Off to buy Chinese brocade.

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  1. I'm in love with your pink lamp and your party looks like it was a blast ! I'm drooling over your entry, it's so elegant. Stop by for a visit.


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