Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese New Year Have Happy Ending

So I guess it's about time to report on how the Chinese New Year party went. It's actually taken me a bit of time to recover. I blame the cleaning supply fumes I sucked up while trying to remove all the hoisin sauce and lychee martinis from my floors. (Or maybe it was all the lychee martinis I sucked up). Whichever... it was a raging success. How can you go wrong with karaoke and vodka?

I finally decided to tackle some of those nagging 'to do' projects. Okay, so it was a temporary tackle. Just said a little prayer no one would try to snuggle my Year of the Tiger pillows and be stabbed to death with quilters' pins. I absolutely loved the way these pillows pulled my entry together. These chairs flanking my front door are 1930's from my favorite store, Empiric in LA.

I hung this dragon, along with a bunch of lanterns in the entry...

Remember my Chinese Valentine table sketch. Here it is in real life.

Those ugly, shabby chic birdcages from Michaels transformed beautifully. Grabbed turquiose beads and just attached with gold florist's wire. The addition of the red candle was so Shanghai chic! The whole lantern effect was truly magical at night.

These little figurines were a lucky find at a local antique market. And just the right touch of blue.

I painted this little sign with cherry blossoms and a bluebird and added the description of the ginger pink champagne. Still few takers; again, the vodka was the runaway star of the party.

Think it was a success!

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