Thursday, September 1, 2011

Navy + Pink Master Suite

File under color crush. This combination is tempting me everywhere I turn. I'm dying to do a master suite in navy and pink. I'd even feel satisfied with cobalt and blush. If I can't convice any clients to take it on, this cool color combo just might end up in my own home--like so many of my creative incarnations.

Hopefully, my man doesn't have a problem with a pink master bedroom. I think it's super strong, yet sexy; the perfect combination of yin and yang. And isn't that what the bedroom's all about? 

Check out my full inspiration board.

Lily Pulitzer showroom via Effortless Style
I love dark cobalt walls like these snapped by Camila at the show earlier this year.
 Just so afraid after a while they'd feel, well, dark.

I'd more likely go with coral pink walls and work in the navy and white. I've been drooling over this Mary McDonald image forever. I love the black and fruitwood console, the mix of deep navy prints and the shameless pink on pink.

Lily Pulitzer Showroom

 I'd add personality with lots of vintage modern details, like this metallic leather lamb (1stDibs) and a great gallery wall to keep it from going too traditional or feminine. Maybe a great graphic rug.

...and Quadrille fabrics galore.

I am manufacturing a similar velvet settee with a bench cushion. Look for it on our new site. (Ah, the to-do list...) It's the perfect shade of royal navy.

 If I get any gift in the next year, I want it to be this chair!

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  1. loooove this color combo!!! i hope you do one.

  2. Definitely gorgeous inspiration board! I cannot wait to see it when you're finished. Have a lovely weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  3. Glad to have found your blog through Erica's Twitter this morning! Have a great weekend!

  4. That pink sofa is perfect and I have been eyeing that Nate Berkus settee for so long, I should just buy it already!


    Miss B.

  5. found your blog googling since I'm dying to go all navy and pink in the living room. lots to love here!


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