Friday, September 16, 2011

Emeralds and Black Leather

We've seen so much emerald green this year, and I couldn't be happier. No color is more uplifting or optimistic than this color of renewal, fertility and youth. It's the reason I love visiting Wisconsin in the Spring. The landscape is that intense, lush green of Ireland. (Of course, they've earned it after those winters!) I especially love emerald green with black and gold. Classic, crisp and just plain gorgeous.
I'm happy that it's still going strong on the runway this fall. You know I'm already Fantasy Shopping. Have a look at the things I've found, like this regal Versace military coat (a steal at $4,675) and emerald ring, which I'd pair with leather leggings and Valentino studded booties. (A lady with an edge.) The python clutch with gold coral clasp is the piece de resistance! Forget Missoni for Target. This is what I'm buying this week! In my dreams and on my blog.

Here are some spaces along the same lines. Love the way Europeans mix periods and styles with total nonchalance. Notice the Victorian ceiling above a very modern fixture and furnishings.

What can I say. I can't stop staring at this image above. Timeless. Who can guess what decade this is from? Bet you're wrong. Bet I'm wrong; I don't actually know. There are hints of the last five...and I'm still trying to source that fixture. Anyone?

A lovely vignette from Cristi Holcombe!

GORGEOUS! Though it wouldn't really work at the kids' hockey games. Unless! I wear that Versace coat!

This color combo even works well in bathrooms, where it goes from sexy glam to clean and fresh.

I love the way Miles Redd layered emerald paintings over the emerald walls. And speaking of paintings, here's one from my gallery, Green Elephant Studios, by a mixed media artist (paint, ink and tape - 19x19) {email me for purchase info}

Emerald leather works, too. Is this delicious or what! {email me for purchase info, Honey, 'cuz our anniversary's coming up and I'm just trying to help you out.}


  1. Beautiful...some of my favorite images along with some new to me faves as well!

  2. ooh I LOVE this color! What's the deal with that bag... did you make it?

  3. Such a great post. Love those chairs in the dining room photo as well as the pair of emerald lamps in the bedroom by Miles. So chic!
    xo E + J

  4. deep emerald green is kind of my color right now. Great images



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