Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Green + White Check Please!

It could have something to do with the fact that I spent Saturday afternoon watching my daughter's cheerleading squad in the blistering So Cal heat, the brown hills lying scorched in the background. But, as much as I enjoyed sizzling like a french fry in the stands, I've been seeking cool and fresh ever since. I went home and made watermelon smoothies, jumped in the pool, and almost subconsciously pinned a bunch of fresh rooms. I even revisited a few of my own. They honestly never looked better.

I wish I did this kitchen. Isn't it FABULOUS?

Sources: my portfolio, tininywhitedaisies, Country Livingsmoothie recipe FreshStartOrganicdining room with geranium paper, Thibaut,


  1. Dear Alexandra ... so gorgeous and so fresh! Perfect for us just coming into spring! How talented you are and that green check I just love.....
    best wishes always
    ps love the smoothie recipe!

  2. I love gingham! Green and white is such a fresh take, too..

  3. I LOVE the plaid o the kitchen ceiling! What an awesome idea!

  4. We love the Kitchen photo! You would love the new Jonathan Adler's Moroccan Grill print. So cute!

  5. Looove the succulent theme going on in the living room. So classic, yet totally unexpected. Great job!

  6. That green buffalo plaid is so fresh! Glad I found your blog. Hope you can stop by .

    Kim @Chattafabulous

  7. Me too! i adore that kitchen!! I am not into green but in your way, you made a brilliant combination of it. No kidding, everything is fabulous.

    And, love the smoothies. Good to offer when summer in the Philippines came. :) Aside from raspberry, any other fruit to combine? :)

    Best of luck on your blog!


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